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The Point.1888 and Ricochet to Develop ‘Repair Shop’ Brand

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Ricochet, producer of the BBC TV show, “The Repair Shop,” has partnered with The Point.1888 to explore potential licensing possibilities.

The show which broadcasts in the UK and around the world in various territories, sees a team of Britain’s most skilled craftspeople rescue and resurrect objects their owners thought were beyond saving. Together, the experts pool their talents and resources to restore priceless pieces of family history and bring them back to life.

Since its creation seven years ago, The Point.1888 has worked with brands with purpose and authenticity, such as Team GB, which works to inspire younger generations into sport; Battersea, which homes and cares for cats and dogs and many more.

“To work with a brand that the British public has really taken to heart is such a privilege,” says Janine Richmond, head, product and brand, The Point.1888. “There are so many important elements to the show, from all the experts to the contributors and their cherished items, and all will play an important part in shaping our program. The series plays an incredible role in enhancing people’s lives and so too, we hope, will the products we create.”

“’The Repair Shop’ is a very special place and in a short time has built a passionate and loyal audience,” says Joanna Ball, managing director, Ricochet. “We are looking forward to working with The Point to translate the magic of the barn for its many fans into product.

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