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Animals in need in Ukraine not forgotten by Scituate Animal Shelter

As the situation in the Ukraine continues to deepen, those at the Scituate Animal Shelter felt compelled to do something to aid their counterparts in the war-ravaged country.

Many shelter workers have chosen to remain with the animals at the shelters.  In this photo, Marina Dilly cuddles a dog at the Friend Shelter in Kiev.

“Even though our mission is to help animals locally, all of us have been concerned about the situation in Ukraine – for people and for animals,” said Lisey Good, a past president of the SAS who currently handles the shelter’s communications and is a volunteer dog walker “We put ourselves in their shoes and thought, what would happen if suddenly the Scituate Animal Shelter had five times as many animals because people had fled the region and left their animals behind? And then, what if there was no money to feed them? We just couldn’t sit by and let that happen without at least trying to help.”

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